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Business Opportunity Marketplace - Join the Equation

Here at BOM our mission is to connect business decision makers so that they spend less time, money and effort in identifying qualified leads to grow their business with and in emerging markets.

We believe

  • That there are millions of amazing businesses opportunities out there to grow your business but the majority of them are hard to find.

  • That it is time for a central marketplace that seamlessly connects businesses and opportunities across and within emerging markets

  • That less time, effort and money should be invested at finding qualified leads and prospects.

Out of these beliefs we created The Business Opportunity Marketplace to offer you a seamlessly and cost efficient way to identify qualified leads and access to the business services you need to realize your opportunities across and within emerging markets.

They believe and Support Us

Who should join?

The Business Opportunity Marketplace is for every business looking for new trade opportunities – big and small, start-ups to multinationals, to the little family owned catering company fulfilling a corporate contract.

The network brings together business decision makers within a global economy, finding the right match supporting you to grow your business.

How can you join?

In less than 5 minutes you’ve got the opportunity to start growing your business – as simple as your business transaction should be:
  1. Sign up

  2. Post an opportunity

  3. Browse the marketplace to identify first potential leads

  4. Check in regularly and keep your opportunities updated and to keep the network’s eyes on your business potential

What will it cost you?​

The core of The Business Opportunity Marketplace is for free, including
  • Free access

  • Unlimited number of opportunity posts

  • Unlimited number of contacts (which means unlimited leads with great potential)

  • Opportunity alerts

If you are aiming to further improve your business development activities we also offer
  • Additional services for individual companies

  • Special packages for larger organisations

What are our users saying?

  • I am spending quite some time travelling across multiple African countries to identify potential business partners. Sometimes it takes me months to get access to the right information and the right networks, including lots of traveling. BOM allowed me to shorten the time to find the right local networks, making my business travels more efficient, by at the same time reducing my travel costs. 

    Ajay Matharu
    Langata Hospital
  • Attending networking events is a time and cost intensive process and it often does not yield the results one wishes – this website helps us me from the comfort of my computer to find the opportunities that are relevant for me. It is a huge time and money saver and an invaluable addition to our efforts in growing our business” 

    Martha Chonya
    BEM International Services
  • Very quick to register and easy to learn – we were up and running within a few minutes and could postand search for opportunities to work on. I particularly liked that it doesn’t try and do 100 things: it focuses on matching businesses to opportunities and that’s it.”

    Jared Shippel
  • I signed with what is a relatively niche product and within 10 days already had the first responses and are now in the negotiation phase with the client. This is a platform with one purpose: to help you find business opportunities or solutions for the opportunities you post.” 

    Cuen Sharrock
    Lucent Sea
  • We at Innocentrix believe in using the power of the crowd to create great new innovations. We have partnered with the Business Opportunity Marketplace to easily engage the crowd in a meaningful way. It is through this engagement that we are able to maximise the number of available options and generate more diverse solutions for our clients.”

    Zander Powell
  • Finding clients and partners the classic way is time intensive and requires being persistent. You have to be lucky to get the right person at the right time. This is a great tool to help us find new business partners especially in entering new markets, increasing the efficiency of the whole activity.”

    GJ Wentzel
    Fizzeo Healthcare

About Us

We think it is frustrating to know that there are so many great businesses and opportunities out there but it is so difficult to find them and even more to know what they are working on.

Our aim is to help businesses find each other more effectively, find opportunities to help you grow your businesses or locate new partners to expand in a more systematic way than by current ways.

We built the Business Opportunity Marketplace to support entrepreneurs and businesses of all kinds and sizes to find new opportunities and grow market share.

The more opportunities we find for businesses to work on the more the chances that businesses grow, and growing businesses means growing countries - and growing countries usually means rising prosperity for all, which is why we build this company to make a difference in this amazing world in which we live in.

Anke, York and the team

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